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VMware Delivers a Hybrid Cloud Platform

VMware Delivers a Hybrid Cloud Platform

At VMworld 2019, VMware introduced new and expanded cloud offerings that will help customers meet the unique needs of traditional and modern applications. VMware empowers IT operators, developers, desktop administrators, and security professionals with the company’s hybrid cloud platform to build, run, and manage workloads on a consistent infrastructure across their data center, public cloud, or edge infrastructure of choice. With a hybrid cloud platform enabled by VMware, customers can migrate and modernize applications across clouds, data centers, and edge locations, while simplifying cloud planning, deployment, costs and ongoing operations.

Hybrid cloud is the new standard for the enterprise, with nearly two-thirds of cloud buyers seeking a cloud model that spans the data center, cloud and edge. Increasingly IT organizations are turning to hybrid cloud to deliver the optimal environment for all their applications. Hybrid cloud is unlocking unprecedented opportunities for businesses to leverage nearly infinite resources across the data center, cloud and edge.

VMware Cloud unlocks the future of hybrid IT and helps customers meet application needs by delivering the hybrid cloud as a platform. VMware uniquely enables a consistent hybrid cloud platform spanning all major public clouds – AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud – and more than 60 VMware Cloud Verified partners worldwide.

Raghu Raghuram, chief operating officer, products and services, VMware, said “Hybrid cloud is giving every organization the power to drive their businesses today, and the freedom to access incredible innovation for the future,”

“No other vendor spans the hybrid cloud as broadly or as comprehensively as VMware. Our hybrid cloud platform is resonating strongly with customers and these innovations will further accelerate our cloud leadership, as we deliver an unparalleled level of consistent infrastructure and operations, from the data center to the cloud to the edge.” he ends



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