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VMware Cloud Powers Greater Innovation and Enterprise Resiliency Across SEA

VMware Cloud Powers Greater Innovation and Enterprise Resiliency Across SEA

VMware has announced new advancements to its VMware Cloud portfolio that will give organizations in Southeast Asia access to innovations to drive enterprise agility and mobility. This will also allow them to strengthen resiliency to grow in lockstep with the region’s rapidly expanding digital economy. The new hybrid cloud advancements include new capabilities of VMware Cloud on AWS, new generations of Azure VMware Solution and VMware Cloud on Dell EMC and general availability of Google Cloud VMware Engine, which will enable organizations to achieve cloud flexibility and choice while enhancing innovation, agility and business resiliency.

Southeast Asia’s digital economy has reached US$100 billion in 2019 and is expected to treble to US$300 billion by 2025[1]. While the digital divide in the region has narrowed, a recent Asia Cloud Computing Association (ACCA) report noted that the progress on cloud readiness, however, has slowed down[2]. The requirement for businesses to transition into a largely remote and distributed workforce in short notice has also increased the complexities associated with the diverse deployment models, infrastructures, management tools and processes. For organizations to succeed in such an environment, they need a robust digital foundation with cloud at its core, to enable accelerated business innovation and growth across the region’s diverse economies.

New enhancements to the VMware Cloud portfolio will give organizations the flexibility and choice to harness the full power of cloud, while driving digital transformation and business resiliency as they pivot to an app-driven, mobile-first economy.

“With the emergence of next-generation technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence and modern applications, cloud is the key driver in unlocking unprecedented opportunities in Malaysia’s exciting innovation ecosystem,” said Devan Parinpanayagam, Country Manager, VMware Malaysia. “In addition to scalability and agility, organizations in Malaysia and the region are also looking to maintain consistency across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. As we strengthen our cloud portfolio, we can help organizations leapfrog innovations, scale and improve agility to ensure continuity in the ever-evolving business environment.”




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