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Tamil Nadu most sought after investment destination

Tamil Nadu most sought after investment destination

Tamil Nadu is one of the best-performing states of India and one of the most sought-after investment destinations, said the Vice President of India, Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu during the Tamil Nadu Global Investors Meet (GIM)-2019.

Speaking about the rich cultural heritage of Tamil Nadu, which is home to one of the oldest civilizations of the world, the Vice President applauded the Tamil people’s industriousness, entrepreneurship, work culture and creativity.

He also congratulated its people and the government for their dedication and hard work. 

Applauding the huge amount of investments that the summit garnered, the Vice President said that this investment should not be concentrated in big cities but must reach rural areas and villages.

Shri Naidu assured the investors that their investments would yield rich dividends in India.

“India’s federal structure allows adequate space for states to decide their own priorities and forge their own developmental strategies,” stated the Vice President.

He added that the states are now more empowered than ever before as a result of greater devolution of funds and increased autonomy.

‘I am happy to see that a healthy competition is unfolding among states to attract investment and develop entrepreneurship. This is truly competitive and cooperative federalism at its best’, he said.

 He welcomed the delegates of GIM-2019 to India, and said that India believes that cooperation and partnership are the bedrock of shared prosperity.

‘India has a strong desire to deepen economic ties with other countries and wants a just and receptive world economic order’ he said.




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