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WhatsApp scrambles as users in big Indian market fret over privacy

WhatsApp is battling mistrust globally after it updated its privacy policy to let it share some user data with parent Facebook and other group firms, and the backlash risks thwarting its ambitions in its biggest market, India… Though WhatsApp has yet to see mass uninstalls of its app in India, users concerned about privacy are… […]

The stakes for trade with India

WhatsApp may lead India’s next payment revolution, but what’s stopping it?

Money is many things, but it’s not fake news. So why block WhatsApp from spreading it around? India is the laboratory of choice for Western tech firms to test out their mobile payment capabilities so they can be rolled out from Bangladesh to Nigeria. Facebook Inc. CEO Mark Zuckerberg entered the fray two years ago… To read more: https://www.livemint.com/opinion/online-views/whatsapp-may-lead-india-s-next-payment-revolution-but-what-s-stopping-it-11591410660693.html

The stakes for trade with India


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