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VMware Unveils Hybrid Cloud Services for Businesses

VMware unveiled VMware vSphere+ and VMware vSAN+ to help organizations bring the benefits of the cloud to their existing on-premises infrastructure with no disruption to their workloads or hosts. Introduced at VMworld 2021 as a technology preview known as Project Arctic, these new offerings will help customers enhance their infrastructure by providing centralized cloud-based infrastructure […]

China’s economy slows as ‘zero COVID’ drags down sales, industry

Mass unemployment looms large over India growth story

Nobel laureate Paul Krugman has warned that India could end up with huge mass unemployment if it does not grow its manufacturing sector. “There is this concept called artificial intelligence that you should be wary of. In future, while diagnosis may be outsourced to a doctor in India, it could also go to a firm […]

11% growth over next decade could make India world’s second largest economy by 2031: RBI Deputy Governor


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