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Will Tun M’s Criticism of India’s Citizenship Bill Impact Msia-India Trade?

By Charles F. Moreira, Editor According to an updated Reuters Africa report published on 8 January 2020 night, India’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry had issued a notification declaring that the import of refined palm oil “is amended from ‘Free’ to ‘Restricted’”. Four industry sources had told Reuters that the Ministry’s notification effectively bans the […]

Malaysia could replace Indonesia as top palm oil supplier to India – trade

Malaysia is set to replace Indonesia as the top palm oil supplier to India in 2019 as New Delhi has been charging lower import tax on refined palm oil shipments from Malaysia, giving Kuala Lumpur an edge over Jakarta, trade officials said. Read more https://www.reuters.com/article/malaysia-palmoil-india-idUSL4N24V4A7 SOURCE: REUTERS (8)

China may buy more Indonesian palm oil

Editor’s Note: Palm oil is still a considerable export commodity for Malaysia and it looks as though China is looking to expand its palm oil imports. It’s certainly an avenue to be pursued by Malaysian palm oil producers. China is open to increasing its import quota of Indonesian palm oil by at least 500,000 tons, […]

AquaEco launches Revolutionary ‘GreenTech’ System for Palm Oil Industry

Aqua Ecotech Sdn Bhd  has launched a revolutionary ‘green tech’ system AquaEco-SRORS, the world’s first proven and commercially viable palm oil raw sludge filtration system. AquaEco-SRORS system will transform the palm oil industry by allowing millers to address long-standing palm oil waste sludge challenges that have been a major industry problem and costly affair for decades. […]


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