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India Insight: Digital diplomacy builds bridges

New Delhi’s digital diplomacy is making inroads. When India rolled out its online payments infrastructure to power real-time money transfers six years ago, it unwittingly laid the foundation for a technology-driven Belt and Road initiative. It gives Prime Minister Narendra Modi a more cost-efficient answer to China’s multi-trillion-dollar splurge on ports and pipelines in the […]

The stakes for trade with India

Worries over low demand, Omicron: Recovery ongoing, but remains uneven

India’s economic recovery so far while reasonably strong has been uneven. The organised corporate sector has bounced back, as reflected in the strong tax collections even, as the informal sector seems to be stuck in a rut. Sustainable and inclusive growth seems some time away given rising inflation, higher interest rates and weak purchasing power […]

The stakes for trade with India

In India, as the virus abates, a hunger crisis persists

One evening in October, Meena Sonawane, a domestic worker living in a slum in the Mumbai suburb of Chembur, cooked dinner with the only food in her kitchen: rice. She mixed red chili powder into the rice, then carefully divided it into three portions for her children, keeping two spoonfuls for herself. A day before, […]

US-China Trade Is Close to a Record, Defying Talk of Decoupling

China think-tank warns of economic slowdown

Ongoing stress in China’s property sector is likely to slow down the country’s economic growth next year, a government think-tank has warned. The world’s second-largest economy is expected to have expanded by about 8 percent this year, according to the annual blue book on the economy from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), a […]

US-China Trade Is Close to a Record, Defying Talk of Decoupling

Where the Indian economy stands, 18 months into the pandemic

The Covid-19 outbreak and stringent lockdowns over the last 18 months made the Indian economy contract for the first time in more than 40 years. But despite a devastating second wave in April, the economy has since shown signs of improvement,… To read more: https://qz.com/india/2058696/the-state-of-indias-economy-18-months-into-the-pandemic/   SOURCE: QUARTZ INDIA

The stakes for trade with India

The Evergrande Group’s Debt Issues Could Be A Drag On China’s Economy

The one-bedroom apartment was to be Penelope Wu’s retirement home, an escape from the bustle of Shanghai — or, at least, that’s how Evergrande, the Chinese property developer, painted it. To jump in line ahead of hundreds of other prospective homebuyers, Wu paid the sticker price of about $200,000 in full last year, before construction […]

US-China Trade Is Close to a Record, Defying Talk of Decoupling

Why it is safe to say India’s economic recovery is real and might accelerate

The Indian government’s economic template to deal with a Covid-19 wave has now been tested. GoI refused to enforce a national lockdown during the Read more at:https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/economy/indicators/why-its-safe-to-say-indias-economic-recovery-is-real-and-might-accelerate/articleshow/85929884.cms?utm_source=contentofinterest&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=cppst SOURCE: ECONOMIC TIMES

The stakes for trade with India

What will form the ‘foundation’ as China moves towards overtaking the US to become the world’s biggest economy?

Described as the “foundation” that will determine China’s “strength and its future position in the world”, manufacturing is once again taking over as the main engine of economic growth that could help challenge the United States as the world’s biggest economy. Amid rising competition with both developed and developing countries, China is renewing its effort […]

US-China Trade Is Close to a Record, Defying Talk of Decoupling


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