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Why India should not treat cryptocurrencies like Ola and Uber

An international legal firm has sought to allay the Indian government’s fear of cryptocurrencies. As with any emerging technology, their potential benefits will eventually outweigh the associated risks and concerns, it has told a panel vetting the country’s official policy on digital coins. “Like electricity, railways, telecommunications, motor vehicles, aircraft, mobile phones, and the internet […]

India’s roaring post-pandemic recovery at risk from inflation

Moksha coin galvanised the community at ETHIndia

The Moksha bounty network and the Moksha Coin paved ways for an experiential community environment designed to galvanise action amongst ETHIndia participants. With over 42 Moksha Coin bounties created and 131 total submissions, we engaged over a third of the total participants at the hackathon spanning three days — way beyond our estimation and a true measure […]

India’s roaring post-pandemic recovery at risk from inflation

If Facebook can be worth billions, why can’t cryptocurrencies?

Facebook and its founder have faced an outcry of criticism over the company’s role as leader-supreme data custodian for the developed world.But for the crypto community, the resulting plunge in Facebook’s stock price offers an instructive example for a fundamental argument: whether the current cryptocurrency market, in which more than 20 blockchain networks are “valued” […]

VMware Appoints Sarene Lee as Country Manager for Malaysia

India to bar cryptocurrencies from its payments system: Finance Ministry

India is planning steps to ensure cryptocurrencies are illegal within its payments system, while at the same time appointing a regulator to oversee unregulated exchanges that trade in “crypto assets,” a finance ministry official said on Monday. Read the full story at https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/business/india-business/india-to-bar-cryptocurrencies-from-its-payments-system-finance-ministry/articleshow/62791930.cms SOURCE: Times of India

India’s roaring post-pandemic recovery at risk from inflation

2018: Year of the enterprise blockchain

By Saunthra Thambyrajah 2018 will be the year of the enterprise blockchain in both the private and public blockchain space. To understand why this is the case, let’s look at the benefits blockchain technology brings to the enterprise, the tech companies that are beginning to offer blockchain technologies and the number of cryptocurrencies that have […]

VMware Appoints Sarene Lee as Country Manager for Malaysia

RBI looking into cryptocurrencies, “not comfortable” with bitcoin

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has a group looking into cryptocurrencies as legal tender, a senior official said on Wednesday, but emphasised the central bank’s discomfort with bitcoin which has recently come under intense global regulatory scrutiny. Read the full story at http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/business/india-business/india-cenbank-looking-into-cryptocurrencies-not-comfortable-with-bitcoin/articleshow/60491712.cms SOURCE: Times of India

India’s roaring post-pandemic recovery at risk from inflation

Cryptocurrencies – the top 8 in the blockchain world

By Saunthra Thambyrajah Cryptocurrencies have exploded into the mainstream media recently and Bitcoin is certainly hogging the limelight. However, the cryptocurrency world is bigger than Bitcoin or the next big player, Ethereum. At the time I began writing this post, the coinmarketcap.com website claimed that there were 840 cryptocurrencies in existence. Now that number has […]



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