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Power Ledger & Sharing Energy announce partnership to evolve renewable energy in Japan

Power Ledger announced a partnership to drive renewable energy trading in Japan alongside Sharing Energy Co. Ltd. Sharing Energy is a provider in the installation and provision of solar energy. Power Ledger’s blockchain-powered platform will allow Sharing Energy to track renewable energy consumption from 100 pre-identified Sharing customers across Kansai, Chubu and Kyushu regions. The […]

CIMB Group joins RippleNet to power instant payments across ASEAN

CIMB Group (CIMB or the Group), ASEAN’s fifth largest bank, and Ripple have entered into a strategic collaboration to enable instant cross-border payments across CIMB’s markets. On the back of this partnership, CIMB will join RippleNet and connect with other Ripple customers — more than a hundred financial institutions worldwide — a move that will […]

Using the blockchain to increase the ‘velocity’ of trade: HSBC

Vinay Mendonca of HSBC discusses how the Voltron platform can “digitize trade” to improve the speed and volume of trade. SOURCE: CNBC   (16)

Carrefour to use blockchain to track all fresh products by 2022

Europe’s largest retailer Carrefour has adopted blockchain ledger technology to track and trace chicken, eggs and tomatoes as they travel from farms to stores, and will deploy it across all of its fresh product lines in coming years. Julian Satterthwaite reports. SOURCE: Reuters (22)

A blockchain architecture for IoT

In IBM’s recent IEEE International Blockchain Conference paper “Hybrid-IoT: Hybrid Blockchain Architecture for Internet of Things (IoT) – PoW Sub-blockchains” it explains the first phase of development for an end-to-end, decentralised framework to autonomously manage the orchestration of geographically distributed IoT networks. It achieves this through the combination of analytics, well-established blockchain community-based open source […]

Civil and the Associated Press news agency will collaborate on content licenses based on blockchain

Civil Media Company and the Associated Press (AP) have announced a collaboration that will make AP news content available for the use of media trained with Civil technology. AP, like many other media organizations, is interested in how blockchain can be applied to journalistic models. As part of the collaboration, AP will deliver its content […]

Oracle’s blockchain offering leverages off Hyperledger’s codebase and tools

By Saunthra T It came as no surprise to see a full house at Oracle’s Blockchain Roundtable meeting held in Kuala Lumpur last week. A survey conducted by the Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT) has already established that many Malaysian businesses are aware of blockchain technology and what it can do. Many organisations […]

M’sian halal products focus area for blockchain tech

By Saunthra Thambyrajah & TT Lee Blockchain’s tamper-proof technology brings ‘traceability-based trust” and authentication to electronic record keeping and it has tremendous use potential in the Malaysian halal products certification business. During his keynote address at Oracle’s Blockchain Roundtable meeting, Datuk Dr Mohd Yusoff Sulaiman, president and CEO of the Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High […]

Marriage of art and blockchain

Blockchain might be the new kid on the block but it’s coming of age.  There are local businesses who are using it in innovative ways.  Malaysian interdisciplinary artist and humanitarian, Poesy Liang, is one of them. She is a painter, sculptor, jewellery designer, music composer and author; you might have come across her Harry Putter […]

WeChat eyes blockchain for faster corporate expense refunds

Tencent has piloted the application at a local restaurant in Shenzhen, China, where a user paid the bill through its existing payments service WeChat Pay.By feeding the payment data over its blockchain platform to the user’s employer, the restaurant and Shenzhen’s local taxation authority, Tencent said delays normally encountered via the standard manual claims process […]


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