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China’s using artificial intelligence to lead in the biotech space

Image – Genomic Knowledge Base – courtesy WUXI NextCODE By Charles F. Moreira, Editor China aims to take the lead in AI (artificial intelligence) and biotech development according to an article in Axios.com on 3 December 2018, by Eleonore Pauwels, a research fellow on emerging cyber-technologies at UN University’s Centre for Policy Research, focusing on […]

China’s rise in artificial intelligence

China’s vast amount of data is helping advance its artificial intelligence research. CNBC’s Uptin Saiidi speaks to experts VC Kai-Fu Lee, author Thomas Friedman and VC Benjamin Harburg about China’s upcoming ambitions. SOURCE: CNBC (9)

AI startup Ubtech unveils humanoid robot to target consumer market

Ubtech, an artificial intelligence startup, sees revenue to triple in 2019 amid booming demand in the business and consumer markets which prompted the firm to unveil humanoid robot Wu Kong. Read the full story at https://www.shine.cn/biz/tech/1809282841/ SOURCE: SHINE (14)

Can you guess which of these paintings was made by a robot?

Take a look at the paintings above. Five were painted by artists from around the world. One was painted by a robot. If you can’t tell the difference, you’re not alone.The pieces were commissioned as part of an experiment by GumGum, a Santa Monica-based artificial intelligence company, and the Art & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at […]

Algorithms are making the same mistakes assessing credit scores that humans did a century ago

Credit in China is now in the hands of a company called Alipay, which uses thousands of consumer data points—including what they purchase, what type of phone they use, what augmented reality games they play, and their friends on social media—to determine a credit score. However, there is no clear rules or guidelines about how […]

Google A.I. Chief Jeff Dean on Google’s newest developments in A.I.

CNBC’s Josh Lipton sat down with Google’s head of AI, Jeff Dean, to talk about the latest developments from Google I/O in AI, Google assistant and more. Watch the story at https://www.cnbc.com/video/2018/05/08/google-a-i-chief-jeff-dean-on-googles-newest-developments-in-a-i.html SOURCE: CNBC (20)

AI software differentiates between extremist propaganda and news

The company behind an artificial intelligence algorithm designed to identify extremist videos says the programme could stop Islamic State video being uploaded to the internet. Stuart McDill reports. Watch the video at https://reut.rs/2sIkjcO SOURCE: Reuters (28)

Alibaba Cloud and partners to deepen collaboration in artificial intelligence

Alibaba’s cloud computing unit today signed deals with established partners to deepen collaboration in artificial intelligence to better serve the real economy.“Artificial intelligence should be better combined with industries to solve issues in the real economy and to lead the next wave of industrial revolution,” said Alibaba Cloud president Hu Xiaoming. Read the full story […]

AI is new growth engine in Shanghai’s blueprint

Shanghai’s AI (artificial intelligence) industry revenue will hit 100 billion yuan (US$15.2 billion) by 2020, likely becoming the city’s new growth engine, top government officials said today. It will become such a big market because AI is set to integrate with many sectors, including finance, transportation, agriculture, healthcare and medical and automotive industries. Read the […]


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