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VMware Innovations Drive Adoption of Emerging Technologies to Power Malaysia’s Innovation Ecosystem

VMware announced innovations to accelerate the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies for businesses as they pivot towards Malaysia’s growing innovation economy. VMware vSphere Bitfusion – is developed out of VMware’s 2019 acquisition of Bitfusion, a pioneer in the virtualization of hardware accelerator resources including graphics processor unit (GPU) technology. With […]

China looks to AI future as subways adopt facial recognition technology

The southern Chinese city of Shenzhen has launched a facial recognition system for entry to its subway system, joining a number of other centres throughout the country embracing the technology. Read more https://www.scmp.com/news/china/society/article/3029874/china-looks-ai-future-subways-adopt-facial-recognition SOURCE: South China Morning Post (15)

Tun M meets Robot Sophia

It’s not every day that you see the normally garrulous MalaysianPrime Minister Mahathir Mohamad speechless, but that is exactly what happened when he met Sophia for the first time. The 94-year-old seemed at a loss for words when he was faced with the “social humanoid” robot. To read more https://www.scmp.com/news/asia/southeast-asia/article/3019011/when-mahathir-met-sophia-malaysian-pm-tongue-tied-hong SOURCE: South China Morning Post (18)

AI outlook from business leaders

The World Artificial Intelligence Conference, which opened on September 17 in Shanghai, invited top executives from global tech companies to show how AI boosts economy and changes people’s life. Watch the video https://www.shine.cn/biz/tech/1809262743/ SOURCE: SHINE (24)

Machine learning, AI top professionals’ reskilling list

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are the most widely chosen domains for reskilling among working tech professionals in India, according to the findings of education technology company Simplilearn. Read the full story at https://www.thehindu.com/business/machine-learning-ai-top-professionals-reskilling-list/article24484161.ece Source: The Hindu (32)

Will do best to maintain integrity of upcoming elections around the world: Facebook CEO Zuckerberg to US lawmakers

“2018 is an important year for the whole world. Several countries like India, Brazil, Mexico, Pakistan and Hungary will have elections. We’ll do everything possible to ensure these elections are safe,” Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg said. Watch the video at https://www.cnbc.com/video/2018/04/10/zuckerberg-one-of-greatest-regrets-was-handling-of-russian-information-operations.html SOURCE: CNBC (36)

AI software differentiates between extremist propaganda and news

The company behind an artificial intelligence algorithm designed to identify extremist videos says the programme could stop Islamic State video being uploaded to the internet. Stuart McDill reports. Watch the video at https://reut.rs/2sIkjcO SOURCE: Reuters (33)

Alibaba Cloud and partners to deepen collaboration in artificial intelligence

Alibaba’s cloud computing unit today signed deals with established partners to deepen collaboration in artificial intelligence to better serve the real economy.“Artificial intelligence should be better combined with industries to solve issues in the real economy and to lead the next wave of industrial revolution,” said Alibaba Cloud president Hu Xiaoming. Read the full story […]


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