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SysArmy Wins Prestigious Malaysia Cyber Security Innovation Award 2016

SysArmy Wins Prestigious Malaysia Cyber Security Innovation Award 2016

  • Local Malaysia IT Security provider leaps into prominence with prestigious Award win at the back of a 376% revenue jump for FY2016, expects another quantum leap for FY2017.
  • Introduction of innovative ‘Uber-like’ IT Security service model instrumental in doubling of unique Next-Gen Security Operations Center (NGSOC) services client base in 12 months

Sysarmy Sdn Bhd (‘Sysarmy’), a wholly owned subsidiary under Systech Bhd, today announces it has won the prestigious Malaysia Cyber Security Award for Cyber Security Innovation for Year 2016.

The Malaysia Cyber Security Awards were created by Cybersecurity Malaysia since 2010 to honor individuals and organizations who contributed to Malaysia’s cyber security or information security. The awards are conferred in recognition of their innovativeness, commitment, industry/product/service leadership, and sound business strategies. This year, there are 7 categories of awards including Cyber Security Individual Professionals, Companies, Innovations, Projects, Outreach, CyberSafe Profesional and Individual with lifetime achievement.

Dr Amirudin Abdul Wahab, CEO of Cybersecurity Malaysia says, Sysarmy couldn’t be a more worthy winner of the Malaysia Cyber Security Award 2016 for Cyber Security Innovation. Congratulations to Sysarmy for the achievement. We are certainly proud of this 100% local Malaysian company that has proved its mettle by giving the market one of its most urgently IT support for business, which is ICT security solutions and services.”

Sysarmy also delivers ICT Security in the innovative future-proof OPEX-based model, that caters to the current tight economy constraints faced by local corporations

CEO of Sysarmy, Hon Fun Ping, attributes the company’s momentous win to the overall adoption of its flagship IT Security offering in the Malaysian market.

Hon shares, “Sysarmy was the first company to offer Next Generation Security Operation Center (‘NGSOC’) services for Malaysia and the ASEAN region, starting in 2015.  We have been filling a critical gap in the local market for organizations striving to keep up with ever challenging requirements of securing their data assets against IT breaches.”

Today, Sysarmy is the 2nd largest SOC operator in Malaysia based on its size of its corporate client base. The company grew an impressive 376% in FY2016 (ending 31st March 2016) in terms of annual revenue as compared to FY2015, and expects another quantum leap for FY2017.

Disruptive ‘Uber’-like Business Model

The company’s underlying mission is to offer new, practical ways for local organizations to secure their digital assets without costing them huge budget and unrealistic solutions.

Considering the weaken economic climate, Sysarmy introduced a ‘Uber’-like model for its IT security services whereby the investments in IT Security intelligence/ analytics technologies is shared across its entire client base, so that individual can enjoy the full benefits of the NGSOC by just paying a fraction of the cost – A Model of ‘Sharing Economy for Cyber Security Industry’.

Sysarmy’s ‘Uber’-like model has been rather disruptive model because has democratized the adoption of SOC and vulnerability management services.

So now, topnotch IT Security services is not only affordable by big organizations, but also by mid-size corporations which want the foresight of a ‘Preventive’ IT security strategy,” explains Hon.

The ‘Preventive’ Advantage

Another factor for Sysarmy’s Cybersecurity Malaysia Award win is that its NGSOC is designed to focus on advocating ‘Preventive’ IT security by providing initial-symptoms information on possible data breaches and suspicious traffic transactions.

This is hugely different from the long-used method whereby corporations are only highlighted of suspicious data activity AFTER it has happened and incur costs on aftermath damage and control measures.

Hon explains, “While almost all current SOC perform monitoring based on ‘Denied’ logs only, Sysarmy’s NGSOC is capable of perform analytical activities, co-relations and reporting that include all ‘Allowed’ activities.

This allows organizations have a early detection, Prevention-based IT security system for their data assets – which is a much more smarter and cost-effective strategy; instead of having to cope with damage control AFTER the IT security breach.”

Sysarmy has reported proven cases whereby it successfully thwart extremely damaging ‘Ransomware’ software virus for several local organizations using this approach.

Revolutionary Way of Vulnerability Management Audits

Sysarmy’s other winning IT security service is its first-of-its-kind Vulnerability Management As Managed Services (‘VMAMS’).

Vulnerability Management assessment audits are a mandatory regulatory requirement for corporations in the banking & FSI sector. Besides the FSI sector, more and more industries are making it a requirement for vulnerability audits to be carried out.

However the practice of periodical assessment are out-dated as studies have shown that there is more than 50 new type of IT security vulnerabilities being detected per minute.

“Traditionally, companies perform Vulnerability Assessment only in a periodical, project-based manner which is usually once a year, or every quarter.

The biggest difference with Sysarmy is that we are able to provide corporate clients Vulnerability Assessment that is on a non-stop, 24×7 basis, and at the same time correlate the results with the latest vulnerabilities management and threats intelligence,” says Hon.

The company has invested approximately RM2.5million in R&D so far, and recently expanded to Indonesia with the set-up of another local NGSOC in Jakarta.

Sysarmy is also working to have a systematic way of generating a pipeline of security experts from the local universities such as Universiti Pertahanan Nasional and University Malaysia Pahang.

Hon Fun Ping, CEO of Sysarmy.

About Sysarmy Sdn Bhd

Sysarmy Sdn Bhd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Systech Bhd, a company listed on ACE Market of Bursa Malaysia Stock Exchange since 2011 with a market capitalization of about RM60 million. Sysarmy’s NGSOC is ISO27001 certified, operates 24×7 in a world-class data center that complies with PCIDSS standard. Sysarmy to provide a wide range of solutions in cyber security including CyberSecurity Monitoring via its Next Generation Security Operation Center (‘NGSOC’), Cybersecurity Professional Services and Cybersecurity System Integrations. Sysarmy also has a strong track of record of corporate clients in Financial Service Industries, Telco, Oil & Gas and SMEs, and acts as a trusted ICT Security advisor to several government and private sector agencies. For additional information please visit www.sysarmy.net.



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