This is part two of the earlier article Belt and Road initiatives in Asian countries – The rail connection By Charles F. Moreira, Editor The East Coast Rail Link (ECRL) has its detractors who say that it will turn out to be a ‘white elephant’ or will be ‘economically not viable’. However, they forget the lessons […]
Image: Durians at the Burliar State Horticultural Farm – courtesy Durian Travel Guide By Charles F. Moreira, Editor The hot news in Malaysian these days is that many Chinese tourists to Malaysia include eating durian as part of their itinerary whilst Malaysian durian farmers are exporting durian fruits to China, with some fetching as much as […]
Image: Indian exports to Malaysia by top 10 sectors – Source: Indian High Commission By Charles F. Moreira, Editor Here is a compilation of some of the standout investments by Malaysia in India and vice versa – giving an idea how extensive the bilateral trade and business partnerships between Malaysia and India are growing. Malaysian […]
Dear ETV, I am writing in to share what I believe to be a long-standing fraudulent practice by Allianz Insurance (Malaysia). Please hear my story – which I hope you will publish in your esteemed publication, with the hope that Malaysian readers out there can be aware and not suffer my fate by knowing the […]
Malaysians celebrate National Day every year on August 31. But what will make August 31, 2020 even more auspicious is the rolling out of the country’s third LRT. The “final leap” for Malaysia, as a country, to achieve a developed nation status. (826)
Image courtesy of the New Straits Times By Charles F Moreira, Editor Representatives of several Chinese associations and societies on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia are positive about the economic growth which the East Coast Rail Link (ECRL) will bring to their part of Malaysia, according to the Chinese language paper Oriental Daily News. […]
Image: India Malaysia bilateral trade 1998 to Jan-October 2013 – Source Indian High Commission By Charles F. Moreira, Editor What is the current state of trade and economic cooperation between Malaysia and India? Well, “Malaysia is India’s gateway to Asean and beyond, leveraging on the strong links between the two countries, said Prime Minister Datuk […]


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