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Packtica Takes its Product Security Solutions To ASEAN

Packtica Takes its Product Security Solutions To ASEAN

By Charles F. Moreira, Editor

Packtica Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian startup high-technology hologram label and product identity and security solutions company is in the process of expanding its presence in countries across the ASEAN region and the company expects market listings (IPOs) within five years

The Cheras-based company already has subsidiaries in Thailand and Philippines and is in the process of establishing a business presence in Indonesia and Vietnam next, Packtica Managing Director Bryant Kooh told his audience at an MoU signing and launch of its comprehensive security solutions at the Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur on 23 August 2019.

It’s holographic security labels and security packaging and online identification solutions enable its retail clients to detect counterfeits of their products, parallel imports of their products or their genuine products being price-dumped by their agents. They let their manufacturing and logistics clients track and trace the movement of their food, electrical & electronic, health supplements, automotive, medical, military, fast moving consumer goods and other products. Its range of security print and material solutions help governments prevent fraud in government documents such as licenses, certificates, tax stamps and so forth. Its secure certificate printing solutions enable authenticity of certificates and documents issued by by universities and government bodies.

Packtica’s holographic security label series include Russelgram, its top-of-line holographic labels developed by its research and development team in China based upon Russian and Polish technologies. It’s other holographic security labels include Dot Matrix labels, 2D/3D holograms, Holographic QR Code labels, Holographic Foil, Variable Data labels, secure vouchers, tamper-evident labels which leave the word “Void” on the item when the label is peeled off, tamper-evident seal tape and security seal bags.

At the event on the 23rd of August, Packtica added to its comprehensive range of security label solutions by signing an memorandum-of-understanding (MoU) with China-based Shenzhen Qianhai Quantum Cloud Code Technology Co. Ltd granting Packtica exclusive distributorship of Shenzhen Qianhai’s security products across South-East Asia, as well as technology transfer.

Amongst Shenzhen Qianhai’s security solutions is QDots, its security enhancement technology for identification and authentication of products.

At the same time, Packtica officially launched its complete and comprehensive security solutions – namely SecurePack – its Packaging Series of security packaging, its smartphone-based CheckNow online QR code authentication platform, as well as QDots.

SecurePack combines a combination of Packtica’s secure label solutions, such as hologram foil, hot stamping, transparent hologram lamination, variable data and special ink on the packaging, spot UV & Emboss and Micro Text to enable identification of its clients’ genuine products from counterfeits.

CheckNow is a QR code authentication platform which works Packtica’s security labelling which enables clients to authenticate their products with Packtica’s cloud-based CheckNow authentication server.

CheckNow also enables clients to track the location of their products via GPS, as well as the user location when scanned. Packtica provides its clients’ with the tools for them to trace their products and verify their history and location from raw materials to manufacturing, stocking and issuance from the store, and which provides them with all the information they need about their products.

This geolocation also enables better customer engagement through lucky draws, scratch & win and so forth.

Meanwhile, in reply to our question with regards Malaysia-China trade, Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry, Y.B. Dr. Ong Kian Ming, who officiated at Packtica’s event, said that Malaysia-China trade is healthy, Malaysia expects more investments from China and that China is expected to be Malaysia’s largest trading partner.




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