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No ‘power’ of choice for consumers

No ‘power’ of choice for consumers

Last month, six energy producing companies won rights to set up wind power projects in Gujarat and sell power to the State’s utility firm. In the auctions, where those who offer to sell electricity at the least prices are the winners, four companies quoted ₹2.44 a unit of electricity, and two others quoted a paisa more.

Similarly, in the previous auctions, several wind and solar companies have come forward to sell electricity at prices well under ₹3.

However, you and I are buying power at upwards of ₹6; factories pay even more, even as high as ₹12.

It should be a simple matter for the company that owns the factory to tell the wind energy company in Gujarat, “Hey, you are selling power at ₹2.44; I’ll pay you (say) ₹6, why don’t you sell it to me?” Simple, right?

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SOURCE: The Hindu



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