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Much-loved Malaysian brands feature on Readers Digest Most Trusted Brand Awards

Much-loved Malaysian brands feature on Readers Digest Most Trusted Brand Awards

International publisher Reader’s Digest hosted its 24th Annual Trusted Brands Awards recently, also marking 100 years in the global publishing landscape.

Malaysian brands that won the Platinum Awards wereBottled Water – Spritzer!; Bubble Milk Tea – TEALIVE; Cooking Oil – KNIFE; Eye Surgery Centre/Lasik – Vista Eye Specialist; Investment Fund Company – Public Mutual; Paint – Nippon Paint; Refrigerator – Panasonic; Rice – Jasmine;  Water Purifier – Coway.

The Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands survey is independently conducted by leading market research company Catalyst Research, who surveyed 8000 individuals across the five key regions of Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the Philippines to determine which brands consumers trust most.

Sheron White, Group Advertising and Retail Sales Director for APAC said, ‘Trust has been the guiding human emotion we’ve all had to rely on to navigate through the pandemic safely. Having a Trust Logo emblem makes a huge difference in the credibility for a brand.’

At the same awards, 4 Malaysian personalities were honoured; Malaysians put their trust in most the following persons

  • Entrepreneur Dato’ AC Mizal emerged as one of four top Malaysian household personalities names this year as Most Trusted Entertainment/Variety Presenter, being recognized for his launch of the new broadcast network station ‘Suke TV’ during the pandemic.
  • Badminton legend Dato’ Lee Chong Wei is 2022’s Most Trusted Sportsperson for his contribution and dedication for Malaysia. He competed in four Olympic Games, winning silver in 2008, 2012 and 2016. He now serves the sport he loves in administration and mentoring players
  • Radio presenter DJ Lin is Most Trusted Radio Presenter. DJ Lin has set the standard in radio entertainment by providing great musical insights along with fun and entertaining chats.
  • Local favourite TV host and actress Amyra Rosli is Most Trusted TV Host/Presenter for News & Current Affairs. With over 13 years in front of the camera, Amyra has achieved a loyal following among Malaysia’s television viewers and has been voted Most Trusted TV Host/Presenter for News & Current Affairs for 2022.

“Any consumer brand that wins the trust of the consumer market has achieved an enviable position – it takes years of careful business planning, execution and nurturing,” says Reader’s Digest Editor-in-Chief, Louise Waterson. “Being able to secure the trust of your customers is an extremely valuable asset, particularly during times of economic and social hardship. Trusted brands live up to their promises and this allows them to enjoy the trust of their customers into the future.”

Brands that have earned the honour to call themselves a Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand have earned the privilege to carry the Trustmark Logo. For consumers, the Trustmark Logo is a trust sign that helps a consumer recognise quality, value and reliability.

About the survey
The survey is an independently commissioned poll, with the results appearing exclusively in Reader’s Digest Malaysia. Leading market research agency Catalyst Research surveyed a representative sample of 8000 individuals from Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Hong Kong and Taiwan to determine which brands consumers trust most.
The survey reveals the brands, products and services that consumers believe in, over more than 50 categories.



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