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Malaysia’s PM and Chinese entrepreneurs discuss business cooperation

Malaysia’s PM and Chinese entrepreneurs discuss business cooperation

On August 19, 2018, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad took part in a forum organized by the China Entrepreneur Club (CEC). The forum was hosted by Jack Ma, Chairman of China Entrepreneur Club and Executive Chairman of the Alibaba Group. Nearly 400 delegates attended the forum, including Influential Chinese entrepreneurs, Malaysian officials, business delegates and the media. The forum focused on economic and business cooperation. The participants shared perspectives on cooperation in the areas of artificial intelligence, agriculture, traditional manufacturing, tourism and the Belt and Road Initiative. Malaysia is recognized as an important economic and trade partner for China. Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, well-known as the “engineer of modern Malaysia“, is well known to the Chinese people.

Jack Ma expressed his appreciation and warmly welcomed the Malaysia Prime Minister. He said that Prime Minister Mahathir’s ‘Multimedia Super Corridor’, known as the MSC in Malaysia, inspired his entrepreneurial confidence and Alibaba. In the 44 years since the China  Malaysia diplomatic relations establishment, Mahathir has served as prime minister for 22 years. Malaysia has become an important economic and trade partner for China. The two countries should join hands to enter the digital economy era now. This is also a huge opportunity for enterprises in China and Malaysia.

In his speech, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir emphasized that, both the past Maritime Silk Road and the current bilateral economic and trade relations, brought new development opportunities to the enterprises in Malaysia and China, and also brought more job opportunities and quality goods to the people. He hopes that more Chinese entrepreneurs can invest in Malaysia. Malaysia will continue to maintain friendly relations with China and to extend businesses in the Chinese market.

A 40-minute Q&A session was held following Prime Minister Mahathir’s speech. The 92-year-old Mahathir engaged in lively communication with Chinese entrepreneurs on investment opportunities, market development, cultural exchanges, the Belt and Road Initiative, as well as socially and economically sustainable development.

China maintains close economic and trade ties with Malaysia. Statistics show that China has been Malaysia’s largest trading partner for nine consecutive years. It has also been Malaysia’s largest manufacturing investor for two consecutive years, and its largest source of tourism for six consecutive years. Through this forum, Chinese entrepreneurs and political and business leaders in Malaysia have deepened their understanding and enhanced mutual recognition of business and cultural values.

About CEC China Entrepreneur Club (CEC)

The China Entrepreneur Club (CEC) is the premier business leader platform in China. Founded in 2006 by an elite group of Chinese entrepreneurial entrepreneurs. CEC has a mission to promote business integrity and entrepreneurial socialization, and to implement a guide to promoting economic and social sustainability.

The 60 CEC members represent the first generation of modern Chinese entrepreneurs. Members and member companies are proud to signify commercial success while abiding by the rules and regulations of the market economy, while continue to set examples for sustainable competitiveness through better business practices, actively engaging in public welfare initiatives and endorsing corporate social responsibility. CEC members companies are economic powerhouses, with a total income of approximately 4 trillion (RMB) and a platform commodity transaction of 6.5 trillion (RMB) in 2017, collectively employ 1.94 million persons and indirectly create 38 million employee posts, constituting a critical part of national economy.

The CEC mission and vision represent a set of core values for club members, employees and affiliates to live by. These values are the backbone of club activity, from International Visits and Member Company Visits, to the Daonong Gala celebration and regular tailored events throughout the year. Furthermore, the CEC’s Green Companies Alliance and annual China Green Companies Summit exhibit a relentless pursuit of building sustainable, transparent green companies in China.




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