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MaGIC’s E-Nation Sets Off with New Four-Part Series in 2021

MaGIC’s E-Nation Sets Off with New Four-Part Series in 2021

The largest convergence of Malaysia’s entrepreneurial movers and shakers at the E-Nation Conference just got larger this year. This year’s inaugural ‘season’ of E-Nation – titled Fast Future: Thriving for  a Better Tomorrow

“The rules have surely changed in the new normal. As challenging times also present us with great opportunities, we recognise the need to take E-Nation one step further to ignite the flames of Malaysia’s wealth creation players – the innovative entrepreneurs, the social innovators and the ecosystem that enable them – to drive greatness for the nation,” says Dzuleira Abu Bakar, Chief Executive Officer of MaGIC. 

Driving E-Nation 2021 are objectives which are closely aligned with the government’s wider goals to drive Malaysia’s progress with technology and innovation. These objectives are to support the nation’s technology and innovation agenda, drive MaGIC’s strategies and initiatives for tech startups, social innovators, and innovation ecosystems, inspire the movers and shakers of the startup ecosystem and advance Malaysia’s position as a regional market producer for digital products and digital solution providers with startups as catalysts.

Since 2019, E-Nation has gathered more than 5,000 participants such as entrepreneurs and social innovators, investors and impact investors, thought leaders, academicians, innovators, corporates, technology companies, policymakers, regulators and government agencies. Some of its most distinguished speakers include the highly celebrated statistician and philosopher Nassim Nicholas Taleb, visionary disruptive entrepreneur Peter Diamandis, and Nadiem Anwar, Co-Founder of Gojek and Indonesia’s Minister of Education and Culture.

The new structural improvements to the E-Nation platform is a reflection of Malaysia’s growing confidence in Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) to chart an equitable path forward for all its citizens.

Over the past year, the Malaysian government, through the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI), has introduced new policies and initiatives to accelerate the growth of STI and social innovation in the nation. Most notable is the new National Science, Technology and Innovation Policy (DSTIN) 2021-2030, which sets the framework for Malaysian STI to galvanise the nation and improve our standing from technology consumers to technology developers.




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