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JBIX Sets Up Second Node in JB

JBIX Sets Up Second Node in JB

Johor Bahru Internet Exchange (JBIX), the second Internet Exchange in Malaysia, shares that they will be expanding to the second Point of Presence node (PoP) location in Johor Bahru to accommodate rising peering requests.

The JB2 data centre, the newest addition to Open DC’s list of connectivity hub offerings is ideally suited to service providers and enterprises who need to host their services at a location that takes advantage of the connectivity ecosystem that JBIX has created, and to address both Singapore and Malaysia markets.

JB1 is located at Menara MSC Cyberport while the new port, JB2 will reside at Menara Ansar.

Weng Yew Wong the Managing Director of Extreme Broadband and the Chief Peering Officer of JBIX says, “Since our launch last year, we’ve seen a steady increase in peering demand from customers both in Malaysia and from across the region. The JB2 node is an ideal complement to the existing JBIX node in JB1 because it will not only connect the existing telecom and content providers who are in Menara Ansar, it can also add a layer of resiliency to the existing JBIX@JB1.”

Currently JBIX has 40 companies peered including Google, Twitter, Facebook and Yahoo! Other players are from industries such as IT solutions, education, service providers, and web hosting providers. A number of non-ISP-licensed companies have also peered with JBIX.

JBIX aspires to facilitate the mutual peering between different business organisations ranging from the education and financial sector, OTT content providers, regional and local Internet Service Providers (ISPs), hosting companies and more.

Port charges are maintained at the lowest price and will be based on a cost recovery model to attract and benefit more users.

Peering is an important tool that keeps traffic local by ensuring internet traffic is exchanged directly at the internet exchange (IX) instead of having to travel through multiple providers and long distances overseas.

“Johor is a vital interchange point between Malaysia and Singapore and other countries within Indochina. So, by locating the network Point of Presence node in Johor Bahru, service providers are able to intercept Internet traffic before it arrives in Singapore.” he ends



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