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Health Technology Drives SilTerra Malaysia’s New Revenue Stream

Health Technology Drives SilTerra Malaysia’s New Revenue Stream

SilTerra Malaysia, an award-winning Malaysian semiconductor company, has embarked on its transformation towards developing cutting edge health technology.

IC Insight, an established industry analyst, ranked it as the top 16th global semiconductor focused company and sees potential in the life sciences market which is expected to reach $25.60 billion by 2023 with a CAGR of 15.3%.

This transformation within SilTerra started a few years ago with a strong commitment from the SilTerra Board.

We foresee that this entry into life sciences and other emerging technologies will enhance our profitability.

“This is an important aspect of our overall strategy to improve the quality of our revenue stream,” says Firdaus Abdullah, currently SilTerra’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who has been instrumental in leading the company into profitability since his tenure in 2015.

Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases On-The-Go

To date, SilTerra has successfully achieved a number of cutting edge solutions. The most recent being the development and production of the world’s most accurate DNA sequencing chip – one which performs genome sequencing more rapidly than ever before.

In addition, SilTerra is actively developing nano-scaled biosensors that can be incorporated into IOT (Internet of Things) and POC (point-of-care) devices. The devices will allow direct access to detect and diagnose diseases such as dengue, malaria and cancer without having to wait for lengthy lab results, bringing groundbreaking efficiencies to the forefront of healthcare delivery.

SilTerra Kickstarts Ecosystem to Support Technologies in Healthcare

SilTerra attributes much of its recent innovation to its existing partnership with imec, the world’s leading research and innovation hub in nanoelectronics and digital technologies.

In line with its commitment towards this direction, SilTerra, supported by the renowned imec, has taken the lead in the region by kickstarting an ecosystem towards the development of technologies in healthcare by organising a first-in-Asia Semiconductors in Life Sciences Symposium, which took place recently in Penang, Malaysia.

“The symposium connects global thought leaders and research experts who are already established in their fields.

“This is in line with SilTerra’s goal to transform itself into a leading player in emerging markets of technologies and life sciences,” said Tan Eng Tong, SilTerra’s Vice President of Strategic Management.




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