New Delhi: After Russia, trade settlement in Indian rupee will soon be possible with the UAE, Malaysia and Nigeria. The rupee-dirham trade settlement is expected anytime soon as senior finance and bank officials from India are on a three-day trip to Abu Dhabi to finalise the details of the deal. A report by Business Standard quoted sources […]
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 has led to tens of thousands of deaths on both sides and created Europe’s largest refugee wave since World War II. In this multimedia series marking the one-year anniversary of the conflict, we look at China’s response to what Russian President Vladimir Putin called a “special military operation” and its […]
Semiconductor chips are often compared to the beating heart driving technology innovation. But with the United States restricting exports of critical semiconductor components and technology to China, questions are mounting over how long the world’s second largest economy can maintain a pulse… To read more: SOURCE: SCMP
India’s bilateral trade with China reached a record $135.98 billion in 2022, Chinese Customs data showed on January 13, 2023, driven by surging Indian imports of Chinese goods that were up by more than 21% last year… To read more: SOURCE: THE HINDU
Trade between the US and China hit a record high last year even as their diplomatic relations deteriorated. Imports and exports between the two countries totalled $690.6bn (£572.6bn) in 2022, official figures show. Relations between the countries have hit new lows in recent days after a Chinese balloon travelled across the US. Beijing denies US claims it […]
Trade between the US and China is on track to break records, a signal of resilient links between the world’s top economies amid the heated national security rhetoric in Washington and fears of “decoupling”… To read more: SOURCE: BLOOMBERG
In his Aug. 15, 2022, speech — 75 years to the day after India declared its independence from the British Empire — Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi could hardly have been clearer: India intends to be a top global power well before the end of this century and already is emerging as a role model for other countries, big […]
Digital Nasional Berhad (DNB) is pleased to announce its 5G network is ahead of schedule and will exceed 40% coverage of populated areas (COPA) nationwide by December 2022 and is on track to achieve the committed 80% COPA by 2024 or earlier. The network will reach 14 million people located in those areas where the […]
U.S. logistic managers are bracing for delays in the delivery of goods from China in early January as a result of canceled sailings of container ships and rollovers of exports by ocean carriers. Carriers have been executing on an active capacity management strategy by announcing more blank sailings and suspending services to balance supply with […]


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