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Cold wave to hit city as temperature set to drop

Cold wave to hit city as temperature set to drop

Temperature in Shanghai will drop this week due’ to the influence of two cold fronts from the north, forecasters said yesterday.

A strong cold front started affecting Shanghai yesterday morning, bringing gales and drop of temperature, according to the city’s meteorological bureau.

The bureau issued a blue alert, the lowest of four levels, for gale on Monday.

The temperature in most areas was between 14 and 17 degrees Celsius at 7am Monday, and plummeted to 5 to 6 degrees by dusk, the bureau said.

The city was moderately polluted in the morning with the air quality index soaring to 155 at 9am. It improved later and remained good in the afternoon, according to Shanghai Environmental Monitoring Center.

There will be infrequent rain in the next two days due to cold and warm air, the bureau said.

It should be overcast to cloudy with showers at night today, and the mercury will range between 5 degrees as a low and 9 degrees as a high, according to the bureau.

The air quality should be excellent to good today and the wind should be weaker than today.

Moderate rain is expected in some areas tomorrow with the temperature hovering between 8 degrees low and 12 degrees high. Another cold front from the north will start affecting Shanghai late Wednesday, bringing with it strong wind.

It will be polluted on Thursday and Friday with cold front carrying particulate matters into Shanghai, according to the bureau said.

Due to the cold front, the temperature will hover between 7 and 4 degrees on Thursday.

It should be overcast to cloudy on Thursday.

It will be sunny or cloudy weather for several days from Friday because of the influence of high pressure.

Temperatures will rise every day, reaching about 15 degrees early next week.

Friday should be cloudy, with the mercury ranging between 3 degrees low and 8 degrees high.

It should be sunny to cloudy on Saturday, with the mercury climbing to 10 degrees. But the low will be 2 degrees, the bureau said.

Source: Shanghai Daily




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