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Cloud computing to take off in Malaysia in 2017


As 2017 revs up, Malaysian companies across the board are expecting to look to ICT as a key enabler in order to stay sharp and lean in their costs as they prepare to face another gloomy economic year for the region.

Malaysia’s top cloud advisory and cloud consultancy firm G-AsiaPacific, is positive that Year 2017 is the year that cloud computing will truly stand out as the ‘enabler of ICT technology’ for local GLCs and SMEs alike to be able to sustain tight operational costs, and if leveraged on correctly – to also stay ahead of the game.

Malaysia is fast emerging as an early adopter of cloud in the region as this tech trend sweeps across the world with thousands of deployments by businesses to achieve more efficient computing power utilisation and to reduce IT operating costs.

In fact, G-AsiaPacific says that cloud adoption amongst Malaysian businesses in Malaysia grew by 100%, or doubled, over the past 12 months.

By investing in cloud, local corporations, both in the public and private sectors are investing to develop an optimal computing system model that is agile and scalable to cope with the impact of turbulent macro-economic conditions while driving daily business operations.

As in all successful ICT trends in any market, cloud computing will also require regulatory support.

FSI players in Malaysia continues to lag behind other sectors in the deployment of cloud for their business; although the biggest advantages of cloud can be passed onto the consumers by FSI players being much more efficient in their services.



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