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Celebrus and HELP to build blockchain lab

Celebrus and HELP to build blockchain lab

The strategic collaboration between HELP University and Celebrus Advisory will cover a few key areas including a proprietary Blockchain Lab within the campus to facilitate Blockchain related projects, experiments and engagements across the different faculties in HELP; as well as a certifiable Blockchain course on HELP’s e-learning platform that can be remotely accessible by students online for self-pace and open learning.

The signing took place on Monday 1 April 2019 at the Business Analytics Technology and Innovation Centre (BATIC) at Subang 2 in conjunction with its 33rd anniversary celebration. The partnership extends the vision of the university to become a data analytics powerhouse to upskill their students for the future, by leveraging in part on Celebrus’ thought leadership for Blockchain technology and its business applications; along with notable innovators in other technical fields.

HELP University is recently recognized as a Premier Digital Tech University by the Malaysia Digital Economic Corporation (MDEC) and Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE).



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