Prototype e-waste microfactory wages a war on waste

The world’s first microfactory that can transform the components from electronic waste (e-waste) items such as discarded smart phones and laptops into valuable materials for re-use was launched at UNSW, Sydney in April 2018. Using technology developed following extensive scientific research at UNSW’s Centre for Sustainable Materials Research and Technology (SMaRT Centre), the e-waste microfactory has […]

Clean up the environment: drive a hydrogen fuel cell car

Driving through a congested city in the latest electric car powered by hydrogen and a fuel cell, will leave the air cleaner than if you’d left the car at home, according to South Korean car giant Hyundai. Stuart McDill reports. SOURCE: Reuters   (2)

Encouraging Growth for Malaysia’s Manufacturing in CY2019

Online equity broker Rakuten Trade shared its CY2019 outlook for Malaysian stocks and generally the market is expected to be depressed until at least CY20. However, the Manufacturing sector is expected to see a 31.2% growth, as compared to all the other sectors of banking, telco, gaming, energy, consumer, manufacturing and conglomerates that only have […]

G20 leaders skirt trade tensions, back WTO reform

The leaders of the world’s largest economic powers on Saturday backed an overhaul of the global body that regulates international trade disputes, ahead of high-stakes talks between U.S. President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping aimed at defusing a trade war. SOURCE: Reuters (5)

Fashion e-tailer: Trade war has little impact on us

David Jou, CEO of Thailand based Pomelo Fashion, says its business is growing on the back of the digital retail trend, which will continue in spite of trade tensions and issues in politics.The supply chain is not impacted as they have tapped into the manufacturing that takes place in South East Asia. SOURCE: CNBC   […]

Everything is ‘coming together’ in SEA’s internet economy: Temasek

Rohit Sipahimalani of Temasek says the gap between Southeast Asia and America is “narrowing quite significantly” when it comes to gross merchandise value of their internet economies. SOURCE: CNBC (5)

What is an emerging market?

It may be a term which is often used, but there is no simple definition of an emerging market. The category now includes huge countries like China, India and Indonesia, but also others like Malaysia, Thailand Ethiopia and Cambodia. CNBC’s Xin En Lee finds out what’s behind the term. SOURCE: CNBC     (0)

The Case for Digital Asset Regulation: Case studies from Thailand and Abu Dhabi

Progressive regulation has helped the digital asset market thrive in countries like Japan. This is despite setbacks, such as the Mt Gox hack, that had many people calling for an outright ban. Like Japan, Thailand’s Central Bank, the Bank of Thailand (BOT), was reacting to market demand for digital assets when it moved decisively in […]

Vo1t: Inside the secret bunker where billions in crypto is stored

So, you’ve become a bitcoin billionaire, with a fast car, luxury mansion and jet-setting lifestyle. There’s just one problem: How on earth are you going to keep your newfound digital fortune safe? At the end of a dark corridor, behind blast doors buried some 60 feet underground in the bowel of an abandoned nuclear bunker, […]


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