India to be a major manufacturing hub for automobiles with sales up to 9% up between 2016 and 2017

SOURCE: SIAM By Charles Moreira The Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) sees India becoming a major manufacturing hub for automobiles, with exports of passenger vehicles likely to grow further. The automotive industry body expects India’s domestic sales of 3,046,727 passenger vehicles between April 2016 and March 2017 to go up 9.23%, over the 2,789,208 […]

Durians, rambutan and mangosteen more lucrative for India’s farms

Image: Durians at the Burliar State Horticultural Farm – courtesy Durian Travel Guide By Charles F. Moreira, Editor The hot news in Malaysian these days is that many Chinese tourists to Malaysia include eating durian as part of their itinerary whilst Malaysian durian farmers are exporting durian fruits to China, with some fetching as much as […]

Malaysia’s Investments in India and Vice Versa

Image: Indian exports to Malaysia by top 10 sectors – Source: Indian High Commission By Charles F. Moreira, Editor Here is a compilation of some of the standout investments by Malaysia in India and vice versa – giving an idea how extensive the bilateral trade and business partnerships between Malaysia and India are growing. Malaysian […]

India’s Iron Lady to be featured on CNA

India’s first and only female Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi will feature in Channel New Asia’s landmark 4-part series, ASIAN CENTURY (premiering Tuesday, 7th Nov) featuring pivotal events that have shaped the Asian Century. In Episode Two – India’s Iron Lady Tuesday, 14 Nov 2017: Few leaders have left a bigger political legacy than India’s first and only female Prime […]

How Nestle plans to sell more Maggi mee in India

Swiss food giant Nestle is looking to partner with Indian startups to appeal to tech-savvy consumers. Similar to its open innovation platform Henri@Nestle in the US, this initiative will help the 150-year-old company rope in third-party innovators to create new products, ramp up communication for its brands and stay relevant in the digital age. Nestle […]

Khazanah Nasional Berhad arm to sell stake in India’s IDFC Bank

2 December 2016   Sipadan Investments (Mauritius) Ltd an arm of the $33.67 billion Malaysian sovereign wealth fund Khazanah Nasional Berhad is selling almost all of its stake in IDFC Bank in a block deal which will be executed on Wednesday, two people familiar with the deal said. “They will sell about 80.4 million shares […]

India’s government plans to limit markups on medical devices

Image courtesy TMRBLOG.com By Charles F. Moreira, Editor India’s government plans to limit distributor and dealer markups on medical devices, the Times of India reported on 19th October 2017. Limits on markups or ‘trade margins’ as they are called in India are considered fairer to the medical device industry than price caps on categories of […]

Fifty percent pay rise for H-1B visa holders – a boon or a bane?

Image: H-1B visa approvals in 2015and 2014 – source U.S. Department of Homeland Security  By Charles F. Moreira, Editor The Protect and Grow American Jobs Act (HR 170) passed by the House Judiciary Committee on 16th November 2017 increased the minimum salary for workers on H-1B work visas in the United States from US$60,000 to US$90,000 […]

Is artificial intelligence fuelling natural stupidity?

Editor’s note: Fake news is a worldwide problem. This article provides an insight into how fake news is generated and discusses some of the difficulties faced by entities who are responsible for determining the veracity of news that is circulated through social media We are at a stage where the genial news environment committed to […]


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