VMware Cloud Powers Greater Innovation and Enterprise Resiliency Across SEA

VMware has announced new advancements to its VMware Cloud portfolio that will give organizations in Southeast Asia access to innovations to drive enterprise agility and mobility. This will also allow them to strengthen resiliency to grow in lockstep with the region’s rapidly expanding digital economy. The new hybrid cloud advancements include new capabilities of VMware […]

Telekom’s Cloud Alpha Services to be powered by Huawei

Telekom Malaysia Berhad today signed a Memorandum of Agreement (“MoA”) with Huawei Malaysia, sealing a collaboration that will see further expansion of its Cloud services offered by its enterprise and public sector business arm, TM ONE. With this signing, TM Cloud α [Cloud Alpha] services is set to enable next-generation innovation for its customers. With […]

VMware Fast Tracks Transformation of Partner Ecosystem across SEAK

VMware, a leading innovator in enterprise software, affirmed its pledge to strengthen the partner ecosystem across the Southeast Asia and Korea (SEAK) region following the successful launch of EMPOWER Online APJ, along a series of Partner Executive Briefings, which saw the participation of more than 1,200 attendees in VMware’s partner ecosystem in Asia Pacific and […]

Nutanix, VMware Battle For HCI Software Market Share Lead

VMware and Nutanix own a combined 70 percent of the worldwide hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) software market as the two continue to battle for market share leadership. In the first quarter of 2020, the worldwide hyperconverged… To read more: https://www.crn.com/slide-shows/data-center/nutanix-vmware-battle-for-hci-software-market-share-lead?itc=refresh SOURCE: CRN (2)

Japanese startup creates “connected” face mask for coronavirus new normal

TAs face coverings become the norm amid the coronavirus pandemic, Japanese startup Donut Robotics has developed an Internet-connected “smart mask” that can transmit messages and translate from Japanese into eight other languages… To read more https://www.thestar.com.my/tech/tech-news/2020/06/27/japanese-startup-creates-connected-face-mask-for-coronavirus-new-normal (2)

VMware Brings Automation Cloud Service to Southeast Asia

VMware, a leading innovator in enterprise software, announced the general availability of vRealize Automation Cloud Service in Singapore. Consisting of VMware Cloud Assembly, VMware Service Broker and VMware Code Stream, these services enable organizations to streamline application delivery, achieve cloud flexibility and choice while controlling costs – allowing them to fast-track business innovation as they […]

Surge in Remote Working & Obsolete Devices On The Network

NTT Ltd.’s ‘2020 Global Network Insights Report’ has found that as businesses move applications to multi-cloud environments, investment in the cloud is outpacing organizations’ on-premises infrastructure spend. This has caused refresh and upgrade patterns to slow down, with many businesses choosing to continue to sweat network assets and to slow investment in re-architecting their on-premises network […]

VMware Innovations Drive Adoption of Emerging Technologies to Power Malaysia’s Innovation Ecosystem

VMware announced innovations to accelerate the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies for businesses as they pivot towards Malaysia’s growing innovation economy. VMware vSphere Bitfusion – is developed out of VMware’s 2019 acquisition of Bitfusion, a pioneer in the virtualization of hardware accelerator resources including graphics processor unit (GPU) technology. With […]

VMware, Partners Accelerates Enterprise Mobility to Enable Business Continuity

VMware, a leading innovator in enterprise software, has mobilized its partner ecosystem across Asia Pacific and Japan to help customers connect, accelerate, scale and protect their organizational assets as they work through business and societal disruption. With unprecedented number of people now working remotely, VMware has teamed up with its partners to accelerate enterprise mobility […]

VMware Introduces Second-Gen of VMware Cloud to Support Business Continuity Initiatives

VMware announced the availability of the second generation of VMware Cloud on Dell EMC, a cloud service that combines the simplicity and agility of the public cloud with the security and control of enterprise-grade on-premises infrastructure. Jointly developed with Dell Technologies, this VMware service delivers simple, more secure and scalable infrastructure as-a-service to customers’ on-premises […]


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