A ‘trust gap’ remains in Chinese healthcare

Josef Woodman of Patients Beyond Borders discusses the trend of couples in China choosing to seek in vitro fertilization treatment overseas. Watch the video at https://www.cnbc.com/video/2018/08/14/this-ceo-says-a-trust-gap-remains-in-chinese-healthcare.html SOURCE: CNBC (0)

China’s youth not prepared for retirement

China’s younger generation are largely unprepared for retirement and have limited understanding of pensions, a recent study shows. Read the full story at https://www.shine.cn/biz/economy/1808150520/ SOURCE: Shine (0)

Nasty earnings surprises dog China’s tech darlings

Just a few months ago, optimism was order of the day among Chinese technology investors. Beijing was going to welcome home US-traded Chinese tech stars by allowing them to dual-list on mainland exchanges, while Hong Kong opened its arms to the hottest unicorns by removing requirements that companies have a track record of profits before […]

WeChat eyes blockchain for faster corporate expense refunds

Tencent has piloted the application at a local restaurant in Shenzhen, China, where a user paid the bill through its existing payments service WeChat Pay.By feeding the payment data over its blockchain platform to the user’s employer, the restaurant and Shenzhen’s local taxation authority, Tencent said delays normally encountered via the standard manual claims process […]

Relocated industries fuel Laoting’s economic development in N China’s Hebei

The Laoting government has actively promoted economic development by introducing relocated industries from Beijing-Tianjin area. Since 2014, a total of 57 industrial projects have been transferred to Laoting County with a total investment of 25.66 billion Yuan (3.75 billion U.S. dollars). Read the full story at http://www.xinhuanet.com/english/2018-08/10/c_137381902.htm SOURCE: Xinhuanet (2)

China will not close the door of agricultural opening-up

China will remain committed to opening up its agricultural industries despite trade tensions with the United States, a senior Chinese official said, adding that tariffs will only have a limited impact on the country’s markets. Read the full story at http://www.xinhuanet.com/english/2018-08/11/c_137382148.htm SOURCE: Xinhuanet (1)

Weibo net revenue grew 68 percent in the last year

Weibo Corporation (Weibo), a leading social media in China, announced its unaudited financial results for the second quarter ended June 30, 2018. “We continue to see great momentum in our business. Net revenues grew 68% year over year, while both MAUs and DAUs maintained their growth trajectories,” said Gaofei Wang, Weibo’s CEO. “As a leading […]

Across China: Sharing farmland: a new model for rural poverty-relief

It is the season for sowing autumn rice, yet Qiu Huihong, a farmer in south China’s Guangdong Province, is already feeling the joy of a good harvest. Thanks to the poverty-relief project, Happiness Sharing Farm, the 45-year-old farmer is likely to escape poverty. Last month, Qiu rented out 0.13 hectare of his contracted farmland to […]

Robots as physical therapists?

Chief executive officer and partner of Shanghai Fourier Intelligence Co, Alex Gu, isn’t focused so much on industrial robots – one of the most popular applications. Rather, he is developing robots that assist patient rehabilitation in the healthcare system. Read the full story at https://www.shine.cn/biz/tech/1808019731/ SOURCE: SHINE (1)


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