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BIM1 programme is back in 2017

BIM1 programme is back in 2017

The Bahasa Inggeris 1Malaysia (BI1M) programme is back again in 2017 and the Ministry of Finance (MoF) is looking for another batch of retirees and fresh graduates to work together.

The MoF rolled out the BI1M pilot programme to help Malaysians gain English language skills to help them become more employable as well as to increase their ability to compete in a globalized economy.

While BI1M 2016 far surpassed expectations with more than 8,000 students graduating after 5 months of training, an amazing employment opportunity for two opposite scales of the job market, the retirees and fresh graduates, also emerged.

Retired teachers, with a wealth of experience, were hired as English Teachers under the BI1M teaching team while fresh local graduates, who wanted work opportunities to build their resumes, were employed side-by￾side with the retirees as Local Facilitators.

BI1M became a platform for Malaysians to work on a nationwide initiative by the Ministry of Finance that not only provided them with employment for five months, but also gave back to the community through teaching English and carrying out community development activities.

Individuals who joined the BI1M programme benefited from an experienced trainer, technology savvy youth and international facilitators who truly brought a slice of the international world to the kampung.

In BI1M 2017, retirees who successfully complete the BI1M training and programme will have the opportunity to access and use the SOLS 24/7 training material as well as an online monitoring and evaluation system to start their own tuition or businesses under a two-year renewable license.

Fresh graduates will not only get a certificate from the government but have employment opportunities available after the programme ends.

Be part of a nationwide initiative by the Ministry of Finance, join Bahasa Inggeris 1Malaysia as English Trainers. Call 03-90549247 or email apply@sols247.org with your CV today!

BI1M is an initiative under the National Blue Ocean Strategy (NBOS), implemented by the Ministry of Finance in partnership with SOLS 24/7 to improve English proficiency by teaching basic communicative English to Malaysians in urban and rural areas. The programme will be implemented in 15 Urban Transformation Centres (UTC) and Rural Transformation Centres (RTC) across Malaysia. BI1M is open to all Malaysian citizens regardless of age, especially small business owners/entrepreneurs, housewives, retirees, children, and youth who wish to improve their English language skills. There are various programmes under BI1M, catering to a range of English communicative needs, such as Foundation English, English for Housewives, English Communication for Work, English Conversation Class, Work Email, Presentation and English School Camp.



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