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“Not only are we digital immigrants, we are also media dinosaurs. We enjoy thumbing through glossy magazines, and maybe still subscribe to a daily newspaper. We schedule at least one evening per week around a favorite TV program, created by one of the major television or cable networks. We can name at least one local or national news anchor. And scattered around our homes and offices are veritable graveyards of physical media — old tapes, vinyl records, floppy disks, and magazines — that we insist on keeping, even though we'll probably never use them again.”

TalentCorp Launches #BREAKTHEBIAS Women Empowerment Month 2022

TalentCorp invited women advocates and industry experts focusing on different segments of women talent, from graduates to professionals including the Malaysian diaspora.

Deloitte Global TMT Predictions: Live Events, On-Demand Content Attract Consumers as Machine Learning Jump-starts Business Growth

Deloitte Global forecasts major strides in machine learning for the enterprise, a worldwide appetite for digital subscriptions among consumers, and ongoing smartphone dominance—along with eight additional predictions—as part of the 17th edition of the “Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) Predictions.” Among the findings pertaining to the enterprise, this year’s report indicates that business organizations will […]


Harvard happiness expert Shawn Achor says just calling, emailing or texting a friend and putting an event on the calendar is more powerful.

Delaying Your Work Is Unproductive

They also feel less stress, are more fun to be around, are more optimistic, and enjoy their lives more than people who are unhappy.


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