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India will resist China’s economic imperialism

Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi, at a recent India-United States (US) business summit, invited global investors to invest in India. He told them that India offered a combination of “openness, opportunities and options”; pointed out that India had undertaken deep structural reforms, improved domestic manufacturing and was committed to diversified international trade; and spoke of merging […]

VMware Cloud Powers Greater Innovation and Enterprise Resiliency Across SEA

VMware has announced new advancements to its VMware Cloud portfolio that will give organizations in Southeast Asia access to innovations to drive enterprise agility and mobility. This will also allow them to strengthen resiliency to grow in lockstep with the region’s rapidly expanding digital economy. The new hybrid cloud advancements include new capabilities of VMware […]

Explained Ideas: Why the breakdown of US-China relations matters for India

In a widely noted and strongly criticised speech late last week, the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, laid out two definitive propositions on China. One is that nearly five decades of US engagement with China have arrived at a dead-end. In the other, Pompeo recognised that the US can’t address the China challenge alone and […]

Indian economy could revive sooner than expected

India’s economy will spring back to normal sooner than expected and may even make a sharp V-shaped recovery in the next financial year, two top finance ministry officials said, dismissing forecasts of a sharp contraction in GDP in the current fiscal. Monetising of the fiscal deficit by the RBI was not currently on the table, […]

Border clash prompts Indian industry to seek China alternatives

Indian corporations are racing to discover alternatives to Chinese imports after a lethal border clash prompted a well-liked backlash and raised the danger of official motion in opposition to items from its geopolitical rival. China has turn out to be an important provider… To read more: https://www.universalpersonality.com/border-clash-prompts-indian-industry-to-seek-china-alternatives/ SOURCE: News07trends (3)

China has long undermined India’s manufacturing and IT sectors

The year 2020 will go down in history as one where lives were changed by the Chinese-origin COVID-19 virus. This is also the year the world at large and India reset their relations with China because of its actions. For decades, China has grown and profited from the world, with little or no scrutiny. It has supported states with […]

China unlikely to meet U.S. trade targets

Economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic has cast doubt on whether China can meet its targets to buy U.S. goods under this year’s trade deal — with energy emerging as the biggest casualty. China has made strides toward its agricultural and manufacturing targets, but it remains far behind — maybe hopelessly far…. To read more: […]

China’s services sector grows at fastest pace in over a decade in June: Caixin PMI

China’s services sector expanded at the fastest pace in over a decade in June as the easing of coronavirus-related lockdown measures revived consumer demand, a private survey showed on Friday, though companies continued to shed jobs. To read more: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-china-economy-pmi/chinas-services-sector-grows-at-fastest-pace-in-over-a-decade-in-june-caixin-pmi-idUSKBN24405F SOURCE: REUTERS (0)

Telekom’s Cloud Alpha Services to be powered by Huawei

Telekom Malaysia Berhad today signed a Memorandum of Agreement (“MoA”) with Huawei Malaysia, sealing a collaboration that will see further expansion of its Cloud services offered by its enterprise and public sector business arm, TM ONE. With this signing, TM Cloud α [Cloud Alpha] services is set to enable next-generation innovation for its customers. With […]

Off a cliff: India’s economy has more problems than the pandemic

According to the International Monetary Fund, India will be the large economy worst hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Fund now says that Indian GDP in the ongoing financial year, which began in March 2020, will contract by 4.5 per cent. Just a few weeks ago, it had been predicting 2 per cent growth for […]


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