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Allianz Insurance Malaysia scam

Allianz Insurance Malaysia scam

Dear ETV,

I am writing in to share what I believe to be a long-standing fraudulent practice by Allianz Insurance (Malaysia).

Please hear my story – which I hope you will publish in your esteemed publication, with the hope that Malaysian readers out there can be aware and not suffer my fate by knowing the cheating scam at such a renowned insurance brand such as ‘ALLIANZ’.

My Case:

In Year 2014, I purchased an Allianz Insurance (‘PowerLink’ Policy No: 0108189067) in good faith at a premium fee of RM4,200 per annum. I have made three payments so far for Year 2014, Year 2015 and Year 2016.

In April 2016, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent surgery for Breast Cancer. I submitted my hospitalization & Surgical medical bills and insurance coverage claims amounting to approximately RM70,000+.

This is where the fraudulent practices start: –

In September 2016, Allianz rejects my insurance claims citing two (2x) new clauses – which are NEWLY INTRODUCED as which I have not seen these within the original Policy Contract, that basically allows them to NOT to cover my insurance claims.

FRAUDULENT ACT #1: Allianz introduced these new clauses only after being informed of my breast cancer, to change the coverage of the original contract

FRAUDULENT ACT #2: Allianz assumes and claims that the customer has accepted the new clauses. – This is pure lie and a made up fact because I have not signed or accepted anything.

FRAUDULENT ACT #3: Allianz sends more complicated-worded letters in October 2016 introducing more new clauses to try cover their backs; and pressures to the customer (me) to sign acceptance of these new policy terms by a certain deadline (ie. 11Nov2016).

For the record, I have gone through the necessary steps to appeal to Allianz’s department of appeal and customer service. I have also brought up my case to Bank Negara at bnmtelelink@bnm.gov.my. Bank Negara seems not to have the resource or expertise to advice me except that to attend face-to-face meeting with Allianz to sort it out.

Meanwhile, in my phone communication with Allianz Malaysia, they seem bent to get me a) Blame the Agent for giving me wrong information and representation of my Contract Policy or b) Provide Black & White evidence that I didn’t have the intention of cheating the company during my Contract Policy application. All of a sudden, Allianz’s very own fraudulent act of breaching the Contract Policy, of changing Terms & Conditions, of blaming the Agent – becomes an ONUS FOR THE CUSTOMER TO PROVE that she is innocent.

I am a single mother, who does not have a permanent job. I am still raising my child with my life-savings. The purchase of Allianz Insurance using my life-savings in good faith and fully believing the insurance policy that Allianz sold to me to cover me in unfortunate situations – such as my diagnosed Breast Cancer in April 2016.

I have been very unfortunate to contract Breast Cancer, and even more unfortunate ALLIANZ INSURANCE is trying to scam me of the coverage / compensation that they have so sweetly promised.

I hope your media publication will publish and share my case so that other Malaysians may not be ignorant and be aware of the many subtle acts that ALLIANZ does to cover their Fraud, cheating innocent and trusting Malaysian customers. Just imagine how many customers who have not been so fortunate and ignorantly cheated of their insurance coverage that they have been paying for faithfully!

ALLIANZ insurance license should be revoked for such unfair practices that are totally irresponsible. In fact, a ‘big corporate’ brand such as Allianz should not be allowed to continue to fraud Malaysian customers who trust such a ‘household’ name in insurance.

Yours sincerely,

Ho Mei Yun



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