Minimal impact on Malaysia’s Palm Oil’ …Really?

By Charles F. Moreira, Editor A Bernama report on 15 January 2020 may provide relief for Malaysia’s crude palm oil (CPO) and oil palm fresh fruit bunch (FFB) producers. Standard Chartered, ASEAN and South Asia Global Research chief economist Edward Lee had told Bernama that Malaysia’s exports of refined palm oil to India was roughly […]


Protests and a weakening economy spell a rocky road ahead for India’s Narendra Modi

Eight months ago, Narendra Modi was being hailed as India’s most popular leader in decades. His incumbent Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) won a general election by a landslide in May, increasing its share of the vote on its impressive 2014 win. To read more: (0)


VMware: APAC CIOs are Expected to Embrace Cutting-Edge, Data-Driven Technologies

According to VMware, the role of CIOs in APAC and Japan will take a strategic turn by 2025. Organizations will turn to their CIOs, who will harness their technology expertise to build, run, manage, connect and protect applications on any cloud and across any device to power business expansion. Looking ahead to 2025, CIOs will […]


In China, A New Call To Protect Data Privacy

China produces huge amounts of online data — and little of it is protected. That has led to a thriving market for stolen personal information, from national identification numbers to home addresses. Some of it is used for state surveillance, while much of it is used for private extortion and fraud. To read more: […]


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