PropertyGuru: Malaysians stay positive towards real estate sector post GE14

It appears that even after four and a half months, the spirit of Malaysia Baru continues to resonate among Malaysians, as reflected in the continuing uptick of positive sentiment for the local property sector. The PropertyGuru Consumer Sentiment Survey, Malaysia’s leading indicator in gauging the pulse of consumers and their appetite for properties has seen […]


India, China and Russia working to dump US dollar payments – Part 1

Image: Chabahar Port – courtesy The Hindu Online By Charles F. Moreira, Editor With the looming re-imposition of US sanctions on Iran coming into effect on 4 November 2018, aimed at killing off Iran’s crude oil exports amongst others, major oil importers such as India, China and Russia are looking at paying for oil in […]


Fake moon: Could China really light up the night sky?

A Chinese company has announced ambitious plans to put a “fake moon” into space to brighten the night sky. According to the People’s Daily state newspaper, officials at a private aerospace institute in Chengdu want to launch this “illumination satellite” in orbit by 2020, and say it will be bright enough to replace street lights. […]


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