Annual OM Awards changes title: Reflects expansion of local GBS players to overseas market

Outsourcing Malaysia (“OM”), a chapter under the National ICT Association (‘PIKOM’) will be holding its 9th Annual GBS Asia Awards 2018 (formerly known as ‘Outsourcing Malaysia Excellence Awards’) to honour outstanding contributions and performance by Malaysia’s top companies in the Global Services Sector (GBS). GBS Asia Awards will be held on the 18th October 2018, […]


Crypto bounty hunting is becoming a high-tech way out of poverty

Platforms such as BountyOx provide opportunities for people in third world economies to delve into the world of digital “bounty hunting,” where they are paid in cryptocurrency. Read the full story at SOURCE:Coindesk (0)


Temasek bullish on Chinese economy’s long-term development

China’s efforts to deleverage and rebalance the economy and to open up the financial sector will help its economy achieve sustainable development in the long run, according to Wu Yibing, Temasek’s head of China, in an interview. Read the full story at SOURCE: Xinhuanet (0)


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